For all you worry warts, inquisitive hitchers and mums out there, we would just like to take the time, to talk a little about the road to Budapest and what we will do to make sure our alllllll of our hitchers are kept safe and sound!

So, to begin lets answer the question on everyone lips… “Is hitchhiking safe?”

Between The Big Hitch and our fundraising partner, we have successfully and safely sent over 2500 hitchers across the English Channel in the last two years alone! While of course, there is a risk factor involved in an event like this, and in globetrotting as a whole, The Big Hitch have a number of health and safety procedures in place to ensure everybody’s safety. Plus, a very strict list of ‘Game Rules’ which all our hitchers are made fully aware of and must abide to.

All hitchers will receive a detailed information pack which will offer advice on how best to hitch. On the morning of The Big Hitch, our hitchers will also be given a pre-departure briefing; additionally provided with different contact numbers for both emergencies and non-emergencies.

We will also have our watchful eye on all hitchers, as they will be in contact with The Big Hitch team constantly via our SMS Tracking System. Participants must text the tracking system every 4 hours, when they change transportation and cross a border; updating us with license plate numbers, flight numbers, vehicle models etc… so although out and about in Europe, we will know exactly where they are. This means all friends, foes and lovers can see hitchers’ whereabouts instantaneously, anywhere that they have online access!

When we say “hitchhiking” the ole classic thumb springs to most people’s minds, however here’s a taster of what a 21st century hitchhiking journey actually entails (perhaps not as much thumb-flexing as you think!)

So the adventure begins in brilliant London where all lovely hitchers will scamper from the word ‘go!’ at the London Launch (in a secret venue shhhh!). This will mean jumping on a tube/ bus (whatever floats your boat) and getting to one of the city’s main train stations; be it St Pancreas, Kings Cross or Waterloo. Once you blag, banter and bat your eyelashes on board, there’s a whole lot of ferry ports scattered across our Brit borders to go to! FYI most will be rolling down to sunny, *cough*, Dover. This is when the real adventure begins…

Now you just need to find yourselves a car to hop into, enabling you to get onto the ferry! This is very literally to get you on board. Once cars have passed security, everyone hops out their vehicles. You then have 90 minutes to get chatting with passengers and discover where their voyages are taking them. Most people will be as happy as Larry or the Vengaboys on their “Holi-Holidays” to give you a ride, on the other side of the channel. Just make sure you approach those smiley, happy chappys who look like they would be up for a laugh on their travels.

Hitchers add some spice to their travels, so be confident! As far as any sour-faced, angry or idle passengers go, just avoid and save your persuasion for the good eggs!

Once on the other side, ask the lovely family you are with to drop you at a train station en route and it’ll be pretty darn easy to navigate your lovely selves across Europe and see the sites of some epic cities!

Remember you just have to trust that all-important cardinal instinct…your gut! And we aren’t talking about your hunger! If anyone looks a wee bit suspicious then don’t go jumping in their vehicle, but wait for the next generous lift. Your whole team will be there to support you, so look out for each other – sharing is caring guys <3

Now you know you’ll be safe and sound, if you haven’t already registered @ jump on it!

See you soon!